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Overnight Hair Hacks for your first day back to school

by Brooklyn Hair 07 Aug 2021

Overnight Hair Hacks for your first day back to school

Overnight Hair Hacks for your first day back to school

We all know what it is like to have an important day and how hectic it can get when you are getting ready in the morning. Sometimes all you do is roll out of bed, take a shower, get dressed and then boom time seems to fly away. You probably still haven’t even gotten a chance to do your hair as yet. Yikes! Definitely not the best way to start off the school year; therefore, the best way to avoid this kind of meltdown is to always prep before your big day.
Overnight tricks and tips for your perfect day back to school:

Silk scarf – Before going to bed, the best trick that could help you roll out of bed with effortless curls or waves is a silk scarf or pillowcase. This will help you to keep your hair from getting frizzy or tangled overnight. Note: the silk scarf trick can be used not only before a big day but at all times whenever you are wearing hair extensions.

Braided style – This trick is particularly good for curly bundles such as jerry curl and also wavy styles such as loose wave or even deep wave. With this trick what you would want to do is to lightly damp your hair extensions, then part your hair into two to four braids, then braid your hair and tie it down with a silk scarf. A trick like this will do wonders for you when you get ready in the morning. Try it!

Another great trick is to style your hair the night before. This might seem like a plain and simple trick but it’s not one that should be underestimated. With the right prep such as blow drying or detangling, your tasks in the morning will be shortened and you will be able to get more done even when time is against you.

Going back to school especially during this Covid-19 pandemic can be quite frightening; however, with the right tricks, you will surely be ready for your big day. Good luck!

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