How to maintain our long Caribbean deep wave bundles

How to maintain our long Caribbean deep wave bundles

With the new addition of 26” and 28” in our Caribbean Deep wave bundles, your dream curly hair inspos can finally come alive. Made from hand selected top quality human hair, this hair will leave you looking like the goddess you are.
But how do you care for such long curly hair? We answer all your burning questions down below.
Caring for long curly hair 101:
Rule 1: Do not brush when dry. If there is any rule that reigns supreme, it would surely be this one. Curly hair is notorious for being frizzy and hard to handle while it is dry; therefore, brushing and combing will only make things worst for you especially when dealing with extremely long lengths such as 28”. So, refraining from doing so will greatly help you to maintain nice soft curls.

Rule #2: Always keep hair moisturized. Another great tip is to always ensure that you keep your curly extensions as hydrated as possible. This is particularly important if you are in a very tropical climate where the humidity might be high. Another great tip on ensuring that the hair is kept moisturized throughout the day is to use products such as serums and oils. These products will help to keep the hair from drying out too quickly.

Rule #3: Wash or co-wash hair to reduce tangling. You can ensure this is done by using a wide tooth comb and by detangling the hair from the bottom up. Another great benefit of washing your long curly bundles is that it also helps you to remove product build-up.

Keep your long curly bundles looking as fresh as the day you install them by following these few simple tips. And don’t forget to check out our new additions of 26” and 28” Caribbean deep wave. You won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping!

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