Most popular shades of blonde

Most popular shades of blonde

Deciding on the right shade of blonde is probably one of the trickiest decisions to make when getting blonde hair extensions.

This is because blonde hair typically comes in a wide variety of highly sought-after shades and tones, and finding the right color to match your skin tone, budget, hair needs and so on is often where the challenge comes in.

However, with proper knowledge the decision can be a breeze. Therefore, down below we have listed a few of the most popular shades of blonde.
· Platinum blonde – this shade of blonde is by far the lightest shade of blonde available on the market. It often comes close to being white and icy, however, it can sometimes have a yellowish glow. This is because platinum blonde bundles are often available in cool, neutral and warm shades for you to choose from.

· Ash blonde – this tone is the perfect look for those seeking a more subtle shade of blonde. With a very grayish, pale tone, ash blonde often gives its wearer a very delicate yet elegant look.

· Golden blonde and Honey blonde – As their names suggest, these two shades of blonde are on the darker side of the blonde spectrum, but nonetheless they are highly sought-after because they are good transition colors.

Therefore, often times if you seek to go blonde but don’t feel quite ready, trying a honey blonde or golden blonde can help you transition from darker hair into the lighter shades of blonde listed above. 

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