All you need to know about hair toning

All you need to know about hair toning

Hair toners are products that are used to carefully rid bleached hair of unwanted hues or yellow undertones. Therefore, if you have bleached your hair extensions and don’t quite find the color appealing, then chances are you will need a toner to help you rectify the situation.

The universal truth is that toning does not necessarily adjust the true color of your already bleached hair, but what it does is add a different hue in order to help you achieve your desired look.
Simple steps when using a hair toner:

  1. Figure out the type and color toner you wish to use.
  2. Carefully combine the toner with a developer in a mixing bowl. Be sure to follow the instructions given on the package.
  3. Next you will need to apply the mixture on to your hair extensions. While doing this, you should be particularly sure to focus on the areas with the brassiest tones.
  4. Finally, let the toner sit on the hair for about 15-30 mins. Then rinse thoroughly and wash hair with products specifically formulated for colored hair.

Note: blonde bundles often require high maintenance because these bundles are often put through a rigorous bleaching process which often leaves the hair slightly dry and very delicate.

The harshness of bleaching your hair extension often leaves the hair in its raw state; therefore, when a toner is used, you will more likely be now left with a more natural looking color.

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