Maintenance differences between long hair vs. short hair styles

Maintenance differences between long hair short hair styles

Whether you get a bob cut or an extremely long hair style, one thing that wont change about certain hairstyles is the maintenance.

This simply means that even if you opt for a short style in the summer time or a long style in the winter time, the maintenance will surely vary by the length of your desired style.

So, you might be wondering what exactly is the maintenance difference for these styles. Well, let’s get straight in to it.
Maintenance differences

  • The number of products needed. With short hair, there aren’t really a lot of products that will be needed to keep this style looking its best.

    On the other hand, long hair tends to require more products. This is because the length will play a big factor in determining how much product you will need to apply to the hair.

  • Time needed to care for the hair. With long hair you will no doubt be spending twice as much time caring for the hair compared to short hairstyles.

    Therefore, routines such as straightening or curling will have you taking more time than you would typically have to when you have short haircuts.

  • Washing routine will be very different. This is because longer hair will require more care and attention in order for it to be thoroughly cleansed.

    Unlike with a short hair style where you can easily wash the hair in record time, with a long style the hair will take a longer time to be completely cleansed. Not to mention, long hair styles will inevitably take a longer time to dry.
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