Fully Customized wig vs. a Ready-to-wear wig

Fully Customized wig Ready-to-wear wig

With so many choices on the market, the top pick for a perfect wig is between one that is designed solely for your hair needs and one that is quick and easy. So, what is the difference between these options you may ask.

Well, with a fully customized wig you will be able to get a wig that is built specifically just for you with your exact head size, exact style and even the exact color you had in mind.

On the other hand, a ready-to-wear wig might be a good choice for you as well if you are looking for something that is quick and easy.
What to expect with a fully customized wig vs a ready-to-wear wig
Fully Customized wig:

  • Designed specifically for you. Without a doubt a fully customized wig will give the look that you had in mind. This is because with this kind of wig you will be able to get exactly what you want.

  • Most natural looking. Since the wig will be designed with you in mind, you will no doubt get the most realistic look from this kind of product.
Ready-to-wear wig:
  • Ready-made. These kinds of wigs will be ready to wear and will suit anyone. There won’t be any need to have a stylist on hand, and also you can manipulate the wig to your liking as well until it suits your hair needs.

  • Easily attainable. With this kind of wig, you will be able to walk in stores and buy the wig right away 
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