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How to match hair extensions with your natural hair

by Brooklyn Hair 30 Aug 2020

How to match hair extensions with your natural hair

Let’s be real, it’s one thing to find good quality human hair extensions but it’s also another thing when trying to find ones that will perfectly match your natural hair. In all honesty, this dilemma is not one that is easily solved.

However, with the right knowledge on how to spot the right wave or curl pattern for your hair, this task will be as easy as ever.  
How to spot the right extension for your hair type:

  • Straight hair texture – if you find that your hair has no distinct wave or curl pattern then chances are that the best option for you is to use straight human hair extensions. This will also go well with hair that has been chemically treated.

  • Wavy hair texture the best hair extension for this kind of hair is a body wave or a loose wave pattern. These patterns are slightly waved and will blend seamlessly with hair textures of similar consistency. 

  • Kinky hair texture for this kind of hair, a kinky or textured hair extension pattern would be the most ideal such as an afro pattern or a bohemian jerry curl.

Keep in mind as well that whatever pattern your hair might be, with heating tools such a flatiron, curling iron, curling wand or even a hair crimper / waver, you can easily manipulate your hair extensions in order to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. 

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