How long should you keep a wig glued on

We all know that our hair is our beauty and preserving that beauty is of utmost importance every day for many women all over the world. Therefore, knowing when it is time to take off and reapply your lace front is an important task.

How long should you keep a wig glued on

This now raises the question about how long should you keep your wig glued onto your head. Well the truth is, whether you use a wig tape or a wig glue the results will often really depend on how well the wig was installed.

Some stylists may use adhesives that will last for only a few hours while many might opt for ones that could last for a few days with proper care.

This proper care includes ensuring that the lace front does not come in contact with too much moisture, such as water from the beach, pool, or even the shower. Continue reading down below for more info.
When you should take off your glued-on wig:

  • If the lace has a lot of white residue. This is often as a result of product buildup and will vary from product to product.

  • If the wig starts lifting. This might be as a result of you getting your lace wet. This is sometimes unavoidable; however, keep in mind that this will often cause the wig to start lifting.  

  • If there are any form of irritations. If your skin has a bad reaction to the adhesive used then you should be sure to remove the wig promptly.

Let’s be honest, your hair will also some need time to breathe as well as time to get a proper wash. Therefore, you should take off your glued-on lace front wig at least every few days. 

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