How to choose the right daily styling hair products for your bundles?

daily styling hair product

One way of getting your bundles to last you as long as possible is to ensure that you are using the right products on your hair. This will benefit you not only in the long run, but will also help you to keep your hair looking as good as it can be every time you style it on a daily basis.

If you do not take care of your hair extensions whether during or after each use, then this neglect could cause you to have to replace your bundles more frequently. So, in today’s blog we are going to break down the different products that can be used to help you maintain your bundles on a daily basis.

daily styling hair product

Top 4 Products that are a good choice for your hair extensions

  1. Oil / Serum – these products are simply the holy grail for all kinds of hair textures, but especially for hair textures that tend to get dry very easily. Oils and serums not only help with dry hair but also with fighting frizz and will ultimately help to add a nice shiny finish to your hair extensions. So, whether you choose an argan oil or a store brand serum, just know that these products will significantly help you to keep your bundles looking their best.

  2. Hair cream / Lotions – whether you have straight or curly hair extensions, using a light amount of cream could really help to give the hair a little more texture. However, to avoid product build up it is best to reserve the use of creamy feeling products for mostly your curly bundles, and this should be applied preferably when the hair is either slightly wet or damp. Using these lotions and cream-based products will help to bring life to the curls, help with the fight of frizz and will help to keep the curls looking juicy and moisturized.

  3. Mousse – If you’re looking for a product to get your hair from limp to full, then a hair mousse might be just right for you. Not only will this product make your hair look voluminous but it will surely just overall bring your hair back to life. Tip: if the hair is curly then this product will also help with holding your curl in place all day.

  4. Heat protector – if you plan on straightening your hair extensions on a daily basis or simply choose to blow dry your bundles frequently, then a heat protector will be the ideal product for you. What a heat protector does is to help prevent your bundles form getting extremely damaged from the direct high levels of heat emitted and applied onto the hair. So, if you want to preserve your bundles and extend their lifetime then this product is an absolute must.
Using these products will help your hair look its best every day!
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