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How to choose hairstyles based on your vacation plans

by Brooklyn Hair 13 Jul 2021

How to choose hairstyles based on your vacation plans

When going on vacation some of the key things to think about are your outfits, makeup, accessories and hair style of course. And if you are like many others, finding the right hairstyle for your vacation is not always an easy feat.

Therefore it is always important to find the right hairstyle based on:

- Where you are going - With many people opting for tropical countries this year such as Antigua, Jamaica or even down in Miami, you have a lot of hair styles to choose from. Tropical inspired hairstyles are typically curly looking hairs such as our Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian loose deep wave, Caribbean deep wave and bohemian jerry curl. These styles will have you looking like a goddess on your vacation.

 - The adventures you plan to do - With many people planning adventurous trips which might include activities such as snorkeling, deep sea diving, mountain climbing, or even a desert tour, your hairstyle is key in keeping you looking good all day. Therefore, when picking your hair for your vacation be sure to make sure that you can maintain your hair during and after your daily adventures. For example straight hair will require you to straighten your hair after each water adventure while curly hair will require you to keep your hair moisturized on very hot days.

 - The time frame of your vacation - If you are planning a long vacation and do not plan on getting your hair redone often, then you will have to pick the right style that will be convenient for you on a daily basis. For example, for a long vacation you can choose to do a closure wig or even braids while for short vacays you could easily do a sew-in.

Finding what is right for you is key to having a great vacay, so don't forget these tips. Safe trip!

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