13x4 Lace frontal Wigs: Straight, Loose Body wave and Deep wave

13x4 Lace frontal Wigs: Straight, Loose Body wave and Deep wave

With 3 beautiful styles to choose from, you can rest assure that Brooklyn Hair has the perfect wig for you. Our new collection of 13x4 units consist of a straight unit, a loose body wave unit and a deep wave unit available in a wide array of lengths.

New Brooklyn Hair Signature 13x4 Wig Options:
Straight: Our straight units are made with Brooklyn Hair’s very own 9A quality hair. With a nice and silky texture, you can easily style this unit however you please. Whether it is to simply keep it straight and sleek or to perhaps curl it for a new look, either way you will surely love this unit.

Loose Body Wave: The best thing about this style is that it is the perfect in-between style. This simply means that it is neither too straight looking nor too curly looking. Therefore, it is the ideal style for those who are unsure of what hairstyle they want. It can be easily be straighten and will remain straight for an extended period of time. Also, it can be curled and will surely keep the curl for a long while as well.

Deep Wave: This is the ultimate choice for those who wish to have a nice curly look. Thinking about going to the beach, the pool or a nice tropical location? Well, this is the style for you. The curls on this unit are deep and can easily be manipulated to create a lovely wet and wavy look.

To get a better look at our new additions, feel free to click the “Signature Wigs” tab on the main page. From there, you will be able to see all our beautiful options. Happy shopping!

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