How to care for Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD lace products

How to care for Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD lace products

Made from an ultra-thin lace material, our HD closures will give you the most undetectable hairline you could ever ask for. You will no longer have to worry about a messy looking install, our closures and frontals will lay very flat on your head and will have everyone wondering if it is your real hair. So, this leads to the real question, how do you take care of the lace in order to have it wear after wear. We answer your burning question down below.
Tips and tricks for Swiss HD lace maintenance:

- Apply minimal heat – Whenever you choose to use a heating tool such a curling iron or a flat iron it is always best to use these tools along with heat protectant products. Also, having been made from such thin material, it is important to treat your lace item with extreme care by opting for low to medium temperatures.

- Refrain from extreme scratching and brushing -- In order to achieve such flat and realistic hairline, a Swiss HD closure or frontal has to be made with the most delicate materials on the market. Therefore, in order to prevent rips and excess shedding, it is important to protect the lace from too much manipulation.

- Gently wash and dry after each use. Be sure not to rub, tug nor squeeze your Swiss HD closures and frontals, this way you will be able to prevent bald spots. Importantly, always be sure to air dry instead of blow drying. 

By following these few simply tricks you should be able to wear our products over and over with confidence!

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