Advantages of trying Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD closures / frontals

Advantages of trying Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD closures / frontals

With so many options on the market, we guarantee that once you give us a try you will see the difference. Our lace items are all hand selected to give you the most realistic look wear after wear. With us, you will never have to compromise quality for price. We will give you the best of both worlds all the time.

Reasons to choose Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD:

Seamlessly blends with most skin tones. Our Swiss HD closures will complement your skin tone perfectly. A great tip is to bleach the knots of your closure or simply add some concealer onto the underside of your lace in order to get a scalp like effect.

Offers a lot of versatility. With our lace closures and frontals, you can style your hair however you would like by personalizing the closure or frontal to your specific hair needs. Middle part, side part or even no part, you name it you got it.

Soft and durable lace material. Though this lace is relatively thin and delicate, it is extremely strong and will survive the day-to-day manipulations that might be applied such as brushing and combing.

Offers the most natural hairline. If you are looking for a lace item that can mimic your hairline flawlessly, then our Swiss HD lace closure and frontals are the ones for you. They will live up to your standard wear after wear no matter how many times it is reinstalled.

Brooklyn Hair’s Swiss HD lace products range from a traditional 4x4 lace closure, to the trendiest addition the 5x5 lace closures. These products also extend to frontals, namely the 13x4 and 13x6 lace frontals. With us, your options are endless!

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