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What are Knotless Box Braids?

by Brooklyn Hair 04 Oct 2020

What are Knotless Box Braids

With many new styles hitting the market every day, the latest style to make waves in the hair world is Knotless box braids.

As suggested by its name, this hairstyle is a form of box braid that has no knots at the top.

These types of braids tend to be very light weight and creates less tension to your scalp.

With that said, this hair has a lot more unique advantages. See down below for more info.

Advantages of getting knotless box braids

Puts  less pressure on your scalp. This style is the best option for those that are very tender-headed. This is because this style tends to help keep tension off your scalp.

Last for a long time. When done properly this style is very ideal for those who wish to keep their style for a long time. Therefore, in order to keep your braids looking good it's wise to use products such as oils and serums.

Knotless box braids are popularly known to be pain free and will often create less tension when compared to the traditional style of box braids. This advantage makes knotless braids a great style for those who might be suffering from hair related issues such as traction alopecia.

Best hair for Knotless box braids
·       Freetress Clean Therapy
·       Freetress 301 Natural Texture
·       Sensationnel Xpression

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