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Bohemian Jerry Curl

by Brooklyn Hair 04 Aug 2020

Bohemian Jerry Curl

With its natural fullness and exceptional curl, Bohemian jerry curl is by far one of the most loved curly hairs on the market. This curl pattern is very unique because of its tightly coiled ringlets that will no doubt suit all women all over the world. This hair is made from 100% unprocessed human hair, and has no harsh chemicals that might damage the integrity of the hair.

This simply means that whenever you purchase a Bohemian jerry curl, you can rest assured that you are getting exceptionally good quality hair that can be bleached, dyed or straightened.
Why choose Brooklyn Hair’s Bohemian jerry curl?
With its luxurious yet natural coils, our Bohemian jerry curl is both soft and moist to the touch. Unlike many other jerry curl textures on the market, this hair will leave you breathless at how easy it to pull off your desired style. In reality, many hair companies might use unethical methods when manufacturing bohemian jerry curl; however, here at Brooklyn Hair, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality hair.  

We ensure at every stage that there is limited use of harsh chemicals, therefore, ensuring that the hair is everything you could have ever wanted. With such high standards, we guarantee that once you try our Bohemian jerry curl you will surely fall in love.

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