Brazilian Loose Wave

Brazilian Loose Wave

Brazilian loose wave is by far one of the most well-known hair textures on the market, widely recognized for its bouncy and voluminous wave pattern, and has proven time after time to be one of the most versatile styles available.

This hair is slightly textured, yet still pleasantly soft and irresistible. Just by touching and thoroughly feeling this hair, you will be blown away by its distinguished qualities.

Here at Brooklyn Hair, our Brazilian loose wave is unprocessed and meticulously sourced, and with such high quality, our loose wave hair will undeniably take color really well and will certainly mold itself into whatever desired style you have in mind.
What makes Brazilian loose wave so popular?
Compared to body wave, this hair tends to have a more distinctive wave pattern that is very similar to a wet and wavy look. To be honest, this texture will simply take your breath away.

This loose wave texture will effortlessly look very voluminous when installed and can also be straightened to give you the versatility you desire.

When straightened, the re-curling process of this hair will be a breeze. All you will have to do is to wet the hair and the curls will reappear. Plus, seeing that it already has a defined curl pattern, there will also be no issues whenever you use a heating tool such as a curling iron. The curls will hold and your hair will look as gorgeous as ever.  

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