Biggest hair trends of 2020

Biggest hair trends of 2020

The year has come to a close, and without a doubt the biggest trend in the hair world this year has been bigger closures (5x5s and 6x6s) as well the evolution of wigs, transparent lace, blonde hairstyles, HD lace, among many others.

For better reference, we have rounded up the trends that really made their mark in 2020. Continue reading for more details.
Blonde wigs and bundles. Platinum blonde, ash blonde, honey blonde, whatever it maybe, blonde has stolen the hearts of many women this year. People have always been too scared to try new looks and new colors, but with the year we have all had I would say this has been the perfect year to try something new.

Therefore, whether it may be a wig or even really long bundles, blonde has been the “it” color of this year.

Bigger and Bigger closures. If there has been any trend this year you must know about, it would for sure be the rise of the closures. Frontals are nice, but let’s be honest frontals are hard work. And for many people this hard work proves to be a little too much for them to handle on a daily basis.

Therefore, the rise of the 5x5 closures as well as the biggest of them all, the 6x6, has made life easier for everyone trying to switch their styles up.

Transparent lace and HD lace. Over the years, lace products have been getting better and better, there really is no doubt about that to be honest. And currently the next best thing to real scalp is a lace made from either transparent lace or HD lace.

Getting your hands on either one of these laces this year will surely have boosted your look and also helped with making your hairstyle look 10x more realistic.
Currently in stock here at Brooklyn Hair are our very own 5x5 closures, 6x6 closures, blonde bundles and wigs made with transparent and HD lace. And, if you’ve ever tried any of these trendy items and styles feel free to tag us on Instagram or leave us a review here on our website. Happy new year everyone!

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