5x5 closures – One of the biggest trends of 2020.

5x5 closures – One of the biggest trends of 2020

If there was ever a trend that never seemed to fizzle out, it would for sure be 5x5 closures. Let’s be honest, if anything, this trend has only gotten bigger and bigger. Presently, a 5x5 is by far the most requested lace piece by stylists all over and this is because these closures offer so many benefits and are fairly easier to work with than a frontal.

With so much to offer, 5x5 closures surely help customers to stand out. These have been the most sought-after lace piece all year. This is because many people have been craving a bigger and more spacious parting space apart from the traditional 4x4 closure piece which can sometimes be very limiting.

Now, let’s break down what made the 5x5 a great choice among so many people this year?

As mentioned before in previous blogs, a 5x5 gives its user all the advantages of a 4x4 closure and an even better advantage than getting a frontal for many people.

Reasons why people are choosing 5x5 closures over frontals. Well, firstly, closures are easier to install and also easier to remove, while on the other hand frontals tend to be a little bit more tedious to both install and remove. Also, the maintenance for a 13x4 frontal tends to be more difficult than with a 5x5 closure or even a 6x6 closure.

So, obviously, a 5x5 could be a good pick for you.
Therefore, the next time you try to get your hair done, go ahead and try out our new 5x5 closures. You won’t regret it!

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