Best styles to create with a 4x4 closure

Best styles to create with a 4x4 closure

A 4x4 lace closure allows you to close up your sew-in or wig seamlessly, and to be honest, there is really nothing more natural than a closure that can help you to effortlessly pull off any style. And that is exactly what a 4x4 closure does. Therefore, with that being said, there are an endless number of styles that can be done with a 4x4 closure.

Best styles that can be done with a 4x4 closure:
Long or short middle part style. This might be the most common style that a 4x4 closure is used for. This is because if you request a style that is to be positioned solely in one spot, notably in the middle, then there really is no need for a bigger closure. Therefore, a 4x4 closure would be the most ideal choice since it will carry out the look you desire with ease.

Bang wigs/sew-ins. These are easily achievable with a 4x4 closure because it provides adequate lace in the top of your head. This lace will in turn help you to create a natural looking scalp effect.

Bob wigs. The best thing about bobs is that they are short. This simply means that you will not only be saving time with maintenance but also be saving time with installation. This is because when you have a bob wig made with a 4x4 closure, then you will most likely have less to worry about.  So, no matter what style you choose, straight or wavy, nor what length (short or long) you will always look confident and flawless while rocking a bob made with a 4x4 closure.

Side part or sweep. You can always make different parting styles with a free part 4x4 lace closure. And one of those many parting styles is a side part. This style as the name suggests allows you to part your hair on the side, whether on the left side or even on the right side.

Again, whatever it is that suits you, a 4x4 closure will allow you to achieve it.  

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