Brooklyn Hair's Ombre Blonde Wig Collection

Ombre blonde wig collection

Seeking a little more pizzazz than your regular style, then that's exactly what you will get with any of our many Ombre blonde Loose Body wave wig units.

New additions to our wig collection:

1. Long Ombre Blonde 4x4 Closure Wig - Our brand new Loose Body wave Ombre blonde wigs are one of a kind. Firstly, our Ombre blonde color is unique and quite desirable. The ends are not completely platinum blonde, instead, they are more of a bright 27 color and includes a few highlighted streaks in the front section. Also, the root color isn't completely black, instead, it is like a soft brown. This color blends really well with the color of the ends of the wig, therefore, creating a very unforgettable look and appeal.

This wig also comes with a pre-plucked middle part but can be moved about to where you desire since it is a 4x4 closure wig. Currently, our Lengths available include: 24-26" (long) and 30-32" (extra long). Click our "Signature Wig" tab for more details.

2. Bob Style 4x4 Lace Closure Wig - If something short is what you desire, then this little gem might be exactly what you have been looking for. This wig unit is also a Loose Body wave style and is of a similar color pattern (brown roots to blonde ends) as the longer version. The key different between both wigs is the length. While our long loose body wig comes in 2 lengths, the short bob style only comes in one length which is 14-16".

Therefore, if you are currently indecisive about which Ombre blonde 4x4 loose body wave wig to get, the only question to ask yourself is about the length. Other than that, either option will be the best fit for you. Just go for it!

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