Brooklyn Hair 9A Loose Deep Wave / 3 Bundles with 4x4 Lace Closure Look

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9A Grade Peruvian Loose Deep Extension 100% Indian Virgin Wave Human Hair Long Curly Style Look Weave
  • 3 Bundles with 4x4 Lace Closure Look
  • 9A Peruvian Loose Deep Wave Bundle Hair 16 / 18 / 20"
  • 9A 4x4 Peruvian Loose Deep Wave Lace Closure 14"
  • Total 4 Pieces- 3 Bundles Hair with Lace Closure at $365

100% Unprocessed Virgin Indian Human Hair Extension Peruvian Loose Deep Wave Bundle Hair Weave. Premium loose wave virgin human hair extensions, natural black color, machine wefted, no shedding, can be bleached, hair can be dyed.

Product Detail

Series 9A Grade Series/ld3
Hair Color Natural Black
Material 100% Human Hair
Hair Type Brazilian Hair
Hair Weight 95-100g / Piece, 3.5oz
Hair Weft Machine Double Weft
Hair Length Available 12" to 30"
Hair Texture / Type Loose Deep Wave
Can Be Bleached / Dyed Yes / Better Result Than 7A
Shipment Shipping From New York, U.S.A by USPS/UPS
Order Processing Time Within 2 Business Day
Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days in U.S
Exchange Policy Within 30 Days / Buyer Pays Shipping Cost
Return Policy Within 30 Days with Original Condition


Brooklyn Hair 9A Grade 100% Unprocessed Virgin Indian Human Hair Extension Peruvian Loose Deep Wave Bundle Hair Weave

The Peruvian loose deep wave bundles are perfect if you are looking for hair that looks great wet and wavy. We offer only the best on priced human hair available, and without any chemical processing, your hair is going to feel soft and bouncy for a long time. 

Our 9A Peruvian Loose Deep wave is great for those looking for a wet and wavy type of style but something that is also not too curly.These bundles are what many refer to as wet and wavy bundles. Unlike straight or body wave hair these curls offer 3 times as much volume with beautiful popping curls. The biggest benefit of this hair is that is it a wash/wet and a go type of hair. Products needed to maintain this hair include water (in a spray bottle) a leave in conditioner and some sort of curl moisturizer or lotion and a wide tooth comb. It is a quick 5 mins and out the door sort of prep and its super easily as it doesn't need a lot of styling to look great. 

These are 100% virgin hair bundles are perfect for added volume that is effortless and free-flowing. Bundles look beautiful in it's natural loose wave texture, straightens easily and holds a curl for days. The healthy unidirectional cuticles provide an amazing feel of softness and at the same time, it is easy to manage and maintain. You can curl it, bleach it, dye it. Style it in any way you want. The healthy cuticles in this hair will help the colors and curls last longer than any other hair.

TIP: Remember to comb from ends to root to reduce any tangling or breakage of the hair and always put hair in twists when going to bed to reduce any tangling.

 Hair can be completely dyed or bleached, but keep in mind that excessive color changes can end up reducing the lifespan of the hair.

Since this is 100% human hair, treat it as well as you would your natural hair and this hair will love you back!  

Main Features

  • 100% virgin natural hair human hair 
  • Limited chemical treatment
  • Can style differently each day
  • Lasts up to 18 months
  • Live aligned cuticles 

Consider giving our Peruvian hair a try. Women all around the world have a lot of success with the overall versatility of the specific type of hair. It provides great value for those looking for a durable options that looks as good as new over a year later.


Brooklyn Hair 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair Brazilian Peruvian Loose Deep Wave 4x4 HD Lace Closure

Stop the struggle. You don't need to fight your hair anymore. A lace closure is a perfect solution to not being able to match your hair to your weave. 

Lace closure can also protect hair that's damaged and brittle from too much processing. You can glue or sew the closure on your head, whichever you prefer. Once in place, you can blend this closure into your real hair and weave. 

This particular closure comes with a free part. That means it doesn't have any part already made. That way you have complete freedom to style you closure in any way you wish.

You have the option of choosing between 14 and 18 inches. Pick the length that works best with your hair and weave length. You could even choose the longer length and trim it to suit your look.

Each piece you will get is the most natural hair you can get. It comes unprocessed and uncolored so you can color, cut, and style your closure any way you want to create the hairstyle of your dreams.

Natural hair means your closure will look as real as the hair on your head.

  • 14" or 18"
  • Peruvian hair
  • Natural black
  • Free part
  • Sizes:4x4, 6x6

Complete your look and have the perfect blend with this Peruvian loose deep curl closure.

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