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Brooklyn Hair's Back to School Sale Is Live with Quality Virgin Hair Wigs Available at Attractive Prices

by Brooklyn Hair 19 Aug 2021

Brooklyn Hair's Back to School Sale Is Live with Quality Virgin Hair Wigs Available at Attractive Prices

Brooklyn Hair, a premium hair extension company, is glad to announce the ‘Back to School Sale’ featuring their top-quality Hair Extension, Closure, and Frontal Products, including exclusive, hand-tied HD/transparent lace closures and frontals. The sale is now live with products set at incredible prices for every woman out there.

Our sole mission is to provide the best-unprocessed Brazilian bundle hair products and hand-tied HD/Transparent lace closures and frontals to the general public at the lowest price possible. Most hair suppliers charge their supplier fees for placing items on shelves. But we bring it directly from our factories whenever possible. We always do our best to get the best price”, says a spokesperson for Brooklyn Hair.

Brooklyn Hair does not compromise on quality, therefore handpicking the hair products themselves, the hair extensions are flown in directly from their factories to ensure its freshness. Despite being a new company, Brooklyn Hair assures customers that if they try out their products, they will only find affordable, fresh, and long-lasting bundle hair. 

The market determines the hair quality by measuring if it’s between 7A ~ 11A is a hair grade. This is why Brooklyn’s products are made from specially handpicked top-quality 100% real human hair. Unlike any other brand on the market today, this company provides the most natural, unprocessed, uncolored hair. The company also runs a blog giving women advice, tips, and hairstyling tricks to pull of their best look on a first at school or work.

Brooklyn Hair is proud to say that over 90% of its customers have attested to being gratified with the quality and prices linked with hair products. All Brooklyn Hair products are made of virgin human hair that is unprocessed and unaltered. They do not dye, perm, bleach, or treat the hair with any chemicals. To achieve diverse textures, Brooklyn Hair mildly steam processes the hair to generate beautiful, bouncy waves and curls in an array of textures.

In the early months of 2014, Brooklyn Hair was launched. As one of the few start-up hair stores to open in NYC, the company soon began to stand out by creating a tranquil environment for customers with a professional, friendly and knowledgeable line of staff.

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