Why is the cost of lace items currently so expensive?

Why is the cost of lace items currently so expensive

With the ongoing pandemic, the truth remains that all lace products have become an extremely scarce commodity. There are numerous reasons for that, but the truth remains that no matter the reason, there will be fluctuation in prices. Whether from the factory, the middleman or the retail store, this is inevitable.
Here are a few top reasons why you might have to pay extra for any lace item:

Limited stock. Supply and demand is a very universal topic, and currently the demand for lace items such as 4x4 closures, 5x5 closures, 6x6 closures, 13x4 frontals, 13x6 frontals, full lace wigs, or pretty much any hair item that utilizes lace material will be significantly affected in price. 

Surplus buying. If you can recall the "toilet paper" fiasco at the begin of the pandemic then this current shortage is pretty much similar to that incident.

Currently, everyone are stocking up on closures and frontals for their future hairstyles. Therefore, there are not enough stock and therefore, the prices of these items tend to be above the normal market price before the pandemic.

Hopefully, as time progresses things will get better and the prices of these items will be back to their original value.

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