Why are closures/frontals so hard to get?

Why are closures/frontals so hard to get

Unless you've been rocking braids the entire pandemic or your beautiful natural hairdo, you would know that currently the hair world has been running low on many hair extension products. Namely, closures and frontals or to be honest let's just say all lace items have been extremely difficult to source all around the world.

Therefore, it is safe to say that currently, there has been a global lace shortage and it might be for a long while. Listed below are a few reasons why this might be the case.  
Reasons for Closure/frontal shortage
Border closures. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the laws put in place by different countries, the borders of many countries are closed. This then results in a cut off from the key materials that are needed to either start, continue or finish all lace items.

Insufficient staff. With so many layoffs and social distancing guidelines, currently, there are not enough staff members at the different factories. Therefore, this slows down the making process immensely.

Unattainable source materials. As mentioned before, border closures and travel/shipping laws due to Covid-19, key materials have become extremely hard to source.

We hope that things will get better from here, and that soon things will go back to normal.

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