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What is the easiest Braiding hair for box braids?

by Brooklyn Hair 24 Sep 2020

The easiest Braiding hair for box braids

With so many variations of braiding hairs on the market, the easiest hair to achieve a flawless box braid style is pre-stretched braiding hair.

Notably, this kind of hair is sometimes called feathered, pre-pulled or even pre-cut braiding hair.

This is because with this braiding hair the strands are stretched or feathered to create a flawless finish, especially at the ends of the braided style. 
This hair is ready to use and will help to get you in and out of the salon in no time.
Advantages of pre-stretched braiding hair
- Natural ends. This will help you to have a tapered finish at the ends of your braids instead of a blunt cut, which will in turn help your hair to look perfectly styled.

- Saves time. Pre-stretched braiding hair aids with saving you time since it helps the hair stylist to get to work right away. This kind of hair is also relatively soft and easy to comb; therefore, you will mostly have no problems with tangling nor knotted ends.

- Saves money. Since this kind of feathered hair will help to cut down the time spent at the salon, it will consequently help you to also save money on your salon expenses.

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