What are hair extensions?

What are hair extensions?

Having a terrible hair day? Well guess what, we've all had one of those. Thankfully, there are so many ways to fix this problem. For those seeking either a quick fix or a more long lasting solution for their hair problems, at some point will have dangled into the world of hair extensions. This enticing idea of switching up your look without cutting your real hair or having to grow it out poses as a great advantage for many women. But what exactly is a hair extension?

Hair extension is human or artificial hair that has been attached to one's natural hair. That simply means, if you've ever added any form of hair pieces on to your own hair, then chances are you've been rocking some form of hair extension. We all know that hair extensions haven't only been a trend in modern times, but have been around for decades.  People primarily use hair extensions to add either length or extra volume to their own hair. Not only that, but hair extensions grant you the ultimate freedom to experiment with different cuts and colors without the worry of damaging your natural hair. So whether you want to change up your mundane hair routine for something a little more exciting, your hair extension options are endless.

Extensions typically come in two forms virgin human hair or artificial material. However, it is always advised to choose human hair extensions, not only will your hairstyle last longer, but you will have  a more natural look and feel. Deciding the form of extension you want isn't the only decision you'll have to make. Hair extensions tend to come with a multitude of options for having them attached to your hair. You can choose to have them sewn-in, glued-in, clipped-in or any other method that best suits your hair needs.      

Whatever you choose to do with your human hair extensions, we here at Brooklyn Hair hope that you will be comfortable knowing that we have many wonderful options for you to choose from. So whether you want straight hair, unprocessed body wave, loose deep wave, Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian deep wave, Bohemian Jerry curl, or for the ladies who want to keep it more on the natural side we have afro kinky and Malaysian kinky straight; regardless of your hairstyle choice, we have hair extensions for everyone. Your next hairstyle is waiting on you!

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