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How is hair extension done?

by Brooklyn Hair 07 Feb 2020

Providing our customers with the best quality hair on the market is our goal here at Brooklyn Hair, and that's just the first step in ensuring a great hair experience for all our customers. What's equally as important as well is getting your hair done properly. There is really nothing worse than getting the best hair, then end up having the most disastrous hair installation. With that in mind, whether you do your hair by yourself or get it professionally done, there will no doubt be an infinite number of ways you could possibly install your Brooklyn Hair. But don't be dismayed just yet, below we've curated a list of the most common hair installation methods.


The most popular method of hair installation is no doubt a sew-in, sometimes referred to as a weave. The sew-in method is achieved by firstly braiding your natural hair in to either a straight back or circular cornrow pattern, then attaching hair extensions often called tracks onto the braids. This is typically done with the use of a hair needle and thread, which makes sew-ins one of the most secure forms of hair installation. It also helps to promote hair growth since your natural hair will not be exposed to excessive heating tools, or any form of daily styling. So when executed properly, this method tends to act as a great protective style for many women as it helps to protect their natural hair.


Sometimes referred to as a quick-weave, this method involves a similar technique used in a sew-in. Firstly, your natural hair is braided into the desired cornrow pattern, then a weave/wig cap is placed over the braids. This cap acts as a barrier between your natural hair and the glue, if not used, then the tracks are often glued directly onto your real hair. The hair extensions will then be cut, measured, and glued onto the cap (if used) starting from the back, then towards the middle, and lastly the final tracks will be glued towards the top of the head based on the appropriate style. When done correctly, this method often looks very natural and tends to be very easy to carry out.


As the name suggests, this method of installation utilizes the use of clips, and is by far one of the easiest methods of hair installation. To install clip-in extensions, first you'll need to assess where you would like to place the hair extensions, then part your hair with a rat-tail comb section by section. Next you would want to secure the clips by placing them towards the root of your hair, snapping them in place. For a seamless look, it is always best to style your clip-in extensions with a flat iron or a curling iron so that it blends well for a more natural look.

Micro-link Fusion

This method is by far the most tedious hair installation method, traditionally taking up to 3 hours or more to complete. Micro links are simply loops that are pressed to each of your hair strands. Sometimes referred to as pre-bonded hair extension, this technique requires a clamping tool that will heat the "Keratin layer" on the hair extension, and press it together onto your real hair. For best results, it is recommended that this method is done by a professional hairstylist.

Getting your hair done properly not only helps your hairstyle to look great, but it also helps in preserving your Brooklyn Hair bundles. So hopefully this information has been helpful to you in determining which hair installation method works best for you.

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