Vacation Hairstyles

Vacation Hairstyles

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? And who doesn’t love looking beautiful for a vacation even more? Here are a few quick vacation hairstyles you may consider before flying out:

Brazilian Loose Wave
Our Brazilian loose wave hair texture is to die for. This curl pattern is perfect for those that want a wet and wavy hair without a lot of volume. This hair texture gives you a “wet look” all day. Because the curls are not as tight and coily as our other hair textures, it is easier maintenance. As well as the detangling process is quicker.

Peruvian Loose Deep Wave
Our loose deep wave is in between our Brazilian loose deep wave and our deep wave texture. It is slightly curlier than loose wave but not as curly as the deep wave. The volume of this texture is at a medium meaning it is not as flat as the loose wave but it also does not get as voluminous as the deep wave.

Caribbean Deep Wave
Our Caribbean deep wave hair is absolutely beautiful. This hair is very curly and voluminous. This hair texture is for the girls that love bouncy curly hair. The detangling process takes a bit longer than detangling our loose wave and loose deep wave texture due to the amount of hair but it is still very easy to maintain.

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