Trending Colorful Hairstyles

Trending Colorful Hairstyles

Summer is approaching and I know we all like to try different new looks and new colors!

Here are a few trending hairstyle ideas that can be achieved using our Brooklyn hair:

1. Oreo

This style is very stylish and popular. You can achieve this look by purchasing three natural color bundles and one #613 bundle or you can even purchase a natural color wig and one #613 bundle. Once you purchase all the items needed, you can sporadically sew the #613 bundle in between the 1b bundles to give a highlighted effect. You can also dye the #613 bundle once you get bored of the Oreo color or want a new style.

2. Peek-a-boo

You can do it in any style whether it’s a bob, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, etc. All you need is natural bundles or a wig as well as one #613 bundle. The #613 bundle will go at the very back of the hair and will show when your hair is placed in a bun or when it is parted down the middle giving it the “peek-a-boo” effect. The #613 bundle can be dyed any color that you desire. Frankly, this style is simply a very pretty style, you wont regret it.

3. Skunk Stripe

This style is also achievable by using bundles and a frontal or closure to create a wig or even a sew-in. You can also purchase a factory-made wig to achieve this look as well. You will part your hair to a middle part or side part, then bleach a patch of your hair on each side of the part that was created which will give you the skunk stripe effect. The patch can be any color from blonde to blue to pink, etc. Also, the patch can even be on the side of the hair or the back or where ever you want it. Your choices are endless.

These styles will have you slaying this spring. Try one today!

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