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The First Friday Sale

by Tajenae McCartney 06 Mar 2023

The First Friday Sale

Brooklyn Hair is renowned for offering amazing sales, and our most popular one is the monthly First Friday Sale. Customers can enjoy a whopping 50% off most of our bundles up to 30".

This sale takes place on the first Friday of every month, giving customers 12 chances each year to score a great deal. For online shoppers, the sale extends throughout the entire weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Plus, with our convenient pickup in-store option, you can buy during the sale and pick up your purchase whenever it's convenient for you.

Take a look at some of our First Friday sale details:

  1. Get 50% off on most bundles up to 30", including our 9A bundles in Remy Straight and Unprocessed Body Wave textures.
  2. Our curly textures, such as Peruvian Loose Deep Wave and Brazilian Loose Wave, are also 50% off up to 26".
  3. 50% off applies to our 11A bundles up to a certain length depending on the style, as well as all of our 7A bundles in all styles and lengths.
  4. Our signature collection of wigs is also available at a 30% discount during this sale period.
  5. Please note that exclusions apply, especially to our new additions, such as tape-ins and clip-ins.

For our online First Friday sale, use the coupon code 'FIRSTFRIDAY50' at checkout to redeem your discount. Don't miss out on our massive first and third weekend sales! Mark your calendars and join us for a fantastic shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

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