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Styles that can be achieved using braiding hair

by Brooklyn Hair 20 Sep 2020

Styles that can be achieved using braiding hair

There are an infinite number of hair styles that can be achieved with the use of braiding hair.

So many that it would be tiresome to list all the styles in today’s blog. Therefore, down below we have listed a few of the most popular styles that are highly sought after by women all over the world.

Most popular and well-known braiding styles:

Locs - these can be done with braiding hair using meths such as an interlocking technique or the coil method.

Twists – with this style the braiding hair is roped into your natural hair to create a very natural and beautiful style.

Box braids – unlike a twist, which uses two strands, a box braid style uses three strands to complete what many would call a “plait”.

Cornrows – the most commonly used braiding style is by far a cornrow. It is done both by males and females as a method of hair protection as well as a practical hair style for everyday wear.

Crochet- with its growing popularity, this hair style requires the use of a crotchet hook in order to attach braiding hair onto your own natural hair.
With so many choices, your braiding hair dream is only a few steps away. 

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