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New addition: Platinum blonde 4x4 wigs

by Brooklyn Hair 30 May 2021

New addition: Platinum blonde 4x4 wigs

If you are looking for the perfect platinum blonde (613) wig, then Brooklyn Hair has all you will ever need.

Our new wig addition includes our very own blonde bob and long (20-24”) wig.
Reasons to get our 4x4 blonde closure wigs:
The hair is already bleached to perfection. If you are looking for a unique look this summer, then a blonde wig from us might be just what you need. Having a wig that is already bleached and treated is surely better than having to do so on natural colored hair which would have ultimately compromise the quality of hair. Therefore, not only does this save you time but also money.

Easy to change the color. Coloring blonde hair has never been easier, especially since you can quickly and easily water color your wig.

Our 4x4 Closures are easy to install. With our platinum blonde 4x4 closures, there won’t be any need to glue your wig on; instead, you can simply put on your wig in the morning and take it off at night time.
Our blonde wigs are carefully made with thick and healthy hair strands. Also, the lace of our wigs is made with transparent/HD and are equipped with a pre-plucked hairline.

This is guaranteed to help you get the most realistic hairline possible. You will surely look your best when you choose any of Brooklyn Hair’s 613 units. Try one today!

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