Is a 613 look a good fit for you?

Many people often stay away from extremely bright colors, however, for those of us who dare to stand out, then what better way than with a vibrant platinum blonde (613) hair from Brooklyn Hair.
Unique ways to rock Brooklyn Hair 613 bundles or wigs:
Dark roots. If want to rock blonde but you are afraid of how the blonde roots will suit you, then this is the right option for you. Dark roots for many people are the most realistic look, whether it’s black roots or a medium brown.

Toned. Toning is by far the best way to get the right blonde look you desire. Sometimes, platinum blonde has a yellow undertone, and for a lot of people this is not necessarily an ideal look. Therefore, toning the hair is one way to ensure that you get the blonde shade that best suits your hair needs as well as your skin tone.

Bright and bold. Okay, this option is for those who just want to rock their platinum just as it is. No toning, no dark roots, no nothing. Just blonde.
Another thing to keep in mind when rocking blonde hair is making sure that your own hair underneath, whether it’s a wig or a sew in, is not showing. This because if the hair is blonde and your own natural hair is a different color, this might throw off your style.

Ready now to rock your ideal blonde look for the summer? Then make sure to check out our blonde hair collection on the main page. From there you will see our 613 bundles, closures, frontals and wig options. Happy shopping!

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