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Let’s Talk About Body Wave

by Brooklyn Hair 23 Nov 2022

Let’s Talk About Body Wave

Body wave is a fan favorite! This hair texture is a go to style for most women and girls when deciding what to do with their hair, for the colder seasons, and special occasions.

So, what exactly is body wave?

Our body wave texture is very similar to straight expect it has a loose wave to it. It's not too curly and it's not too straight but don’t mistake it for a wet and wavy look. Body wave is not a wash and go kind of style.

Why and when to choose body wave?

Body wave can create literally any look you are going for. You can straighten it, you can use curling rods, a curling wand, crimper, and more on this texture and it will come out flawless.

Most people use body wave when they are going for a bombshell look. It holds curls extremely well as well as it straightens bone straight. This texture is mainly used when people are going to weddings, for birthdays, or special occasions.

This hair extension texture is also good for the colder months due to not having to wet it. While wearing curly hair, we all know the hassle of wetting your hair then having to step out into the cold weather, waiting for it to dry.

Body wave is convenient enough to have a wave or curl without us having to wet our hair. So, feel free to browse our selection of 7A, 9A and 11A bundles.

Happy shopping!

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