How To Choose Between Tape-Ins and Clip-Ins

How To Choose Between Tape-Ins and Clip-Ins

Deciding between tape ins and clip ins often depends on your preference, your lifestyle and in some cases, your hair type.

Clip in Hair Extensions are perhaps the most popular type of hair extensions and have been on the market for decades; however, Tape in Hair Extensions are still relatively new and only began gaining popularity in the past three to five years. So, if you’re wondering what the differences are, or which one will suit you best, this blog will help you decide if tape in extensions or clip ins are better for you.

Clip ins offer a more temporary hair extension method that allows you can take them out when you go to bed, shower, bathe or swim. If you want little effort and big impact, then clip in hair extensions are for you and they are by far the most popular form of extension. You can get Brooklyn Hair Clip in Extensions in various lengths and thicknesses with clips sewn into the strands.

Although Tape in Hair Extensions are great for all hair types, they’re very adaptable and especially good for thin or fine hair as the extension lay flat, for a seamless, natural appearance. But if you have naturally oily hair, the oils from your scalp may cause the tapes to slip. We always advise you to speak with a hair expert before getting tape ins.

The most important part of choosing your clip in hair extensions is knowing your own hair type. If you have fine hair it can be tempting to max out on volume with a very thick set of extensions; however, it’s important to consider how the extensions will blend in and check if your hair can conceal the clips.

If we compare tape in extensions to clip in extensions, it’s easy to see the difference when it comes to application and wear. If you like hair extensions you can reuse and want to use daily but cannot be bothered clipping them in every morning, then give Brooklyn Hair Tape in Extensions a try. Clip in hair extensions is better for you if you want more freedom with how and when you wear hair extensions, offering a more temporary method. Tape Hair extensions are better if you want a semi-permanent alternative, tape in can last 6-12 weeks, or even longer if well maintained.

No matter which one you pick, we are sure you will look fabulous. Happy shopping!

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