Easy maintenance hairstyles for Fall

Easy maintenance hairstyles for Fall

As the hot weather is leaving and the cold weather is approaching, we all simply just want a quick and easy but cute hairstyle for the winter season.

There are so many different options out there but here are some to help you get started:

1. Quick Weave

A quick weave is a style that does not involve sewing, closures, frontals, or making a wig. All you need to achieve this style is your hair extensions, hair glue, a protective wig cap, scissors, a blow dyer, and molding gel.

Now what to do with these items? Simply braid your hair down and place the protective cap on and cover all your hair.

Then glue the hair extensions on to the cap and cut off any excess cap. Then you have your perfect style in less than an hour.

2. Ponytail

Achieving a ponytail style is super easy and quick. All you need to do is slick your hair back in whichever direction you want your ponytail whether it is a low, high, or half-up half-down style.

Then you can add the extensions to the ponytail created with your hair. The extensions can be done by wrapping the hair around the base of your hair and securing it with bobby pins or it can be added by braiding your hair and wrapping the extensions around your braid either by glue or sewing. If you are doing a half-up half-down, then you can use the quick weave method for the back portion of your hair.

We hope these suggestions were helpful when looking for your next hairstyle!

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