Early Trend of 2022: Clip-in hair extensions

Early Trend of 2022: Clip-in hair extensions

Though this is not a new phenomenon, clip-in hair extensions have been taking the hair world by storm since the start of the new year. With celebrities as well as social influencers and even hairstylists jumping onto this trend head on, we know this summer will be all about clip-ins.

The upside of this is that clip-ins are not only easy to maintain, but also relatively quick to install and can be very long lasting. We can go on and on about how good these are, but then you must be wondering why many people haven’t been using this alternative long time ago.

Well, though you can quickly get clip-in hair extensions at the beauty supply, we all know how that might work out. These hair extensions are often not very long lasting and can sometimes easily mat up if not properly cared for.

So, hairstylist and customers alike have now been turning to bundle companies in order to get that super natural look.
Best way to experiment with this trend:

A good way to jump onto this trend is by using hair extensions or bundles that are close to your natural hair texture, whether that is our Remy straight, unprocessed body wave, or even our kinky straight. And as for the curlier textured hair types, we have Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian deep wave and Bohemian jerry curl. Clips can be successfully made from these bundles by a professional stylist.

Rule of thumb: If you plan on cutting the weft of your bundles, please be sure to seal the ends in order to avoid excessive shedding.

Don’t be afraid to jump on to this trend and experiment with new things. You got this!

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