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DOs and DONTs of Jerry curl hair

by Brooklyn Hair 08 Aug 2020

DOs and DONTs of jerry curl hair

In order to get the very best from your Bohemian jerry curl, there are a few tips and tricks to maintain the hair’s true quality and curl pattern.



  • Wash hair only as needed. Washing too often will typically leave the hair dry and brittle. Therefore, your hair should only be washed whenever the need arises.
  • Deep condition routinely. This should be done every two weeks in order to help the hair to stay strong and healthy.
  • Keep hair moisturized. On a daily basis, what you will need to do is to keep your hair hydrated. This can be done by using a spray bottle filled with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner to moisturize the hair. This will in turn help you to keep your hair looking as flawless as ever. 


  • Stay away from products that are very heavy in consistency. This will help you to avoid product buildup and will help you to prevent the hair from feeling weighed down and heavy.
  • Stay away from heating tools. Though this hair can 100% take high temperatures, it is advisable to refrain from using heat on this extremely tight curl pattern. Just like your own hair, care and precaution must be taken when taking care for your jerry curl hair extensions. This will help you to prevent heat damage and will ensure that your hair’s true curl pattern remains for as long as possible. 
  • Do not brush curly hair when it is dry. Not only will this help you to prevent tangling but it will also help you fight frizz.


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