Brooklyn Hair’s Best sellers

Brooklyn Hair’s Best sellers
With a wide variety of hair textures such as our Remy straight, Unprocessed body wave, Brazilian Loose wave, Peruvian loose deep wave and so much more, our bundles are able to help all customers achieve whatever style they desire. 
So, here’s a roundup of our best sellers so far this year:
- Silky and luscious straight hair – Our Remy straight hair is like no other, not only is it perfectly bone straight but it can also hold a curl very well.
Currently, we have a wide variety of straight hair to choose from. Our affordable 7A bundles, our unprocessed 9A bundles and our virgin Remy 11A bundles.
Brooklyn hair’s straight bundles are full of luster and are an excellent choice for any woman.
- Unprocessed body wave – With its signature “S” shape, our body wave bundles lead the race for being one of the top picks by customers.
Our bundles stand out from the rest because they are full from top to bottom and will certainly help you to attain any style.
These unprocessed body wave bundles will hold a curl for a long time and what’s even better is that they can take color as well.
So, if you are feeling like swaying from straight hair then this is the best pick for you.
- Bouncy Brazilian loose wave – Unlike the others mentioned before, our Brazilian loose wave bundles are perfect for anyone looking for a voluminous and bouncy curl.
With just some leave in conditioner and some water, you can go from basic to glam in no time.
This look is perfect for an everyday look or even for vacation as it looks really exquisite when it gets wet as it has a wet and wavy look.
We simply can’t pick our fav because no matter which one you choose; our top sellers will surely be a great choice for you.
Happy shopping!
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