Bleached Knots vs Unbleached Knots

Bleached Knots vs Unbleached Knots

Bleaching your knots makes your closures and frontals look more natural and realistic than ever before. What this chemical process does is it lightens the tiny dots seen on your closures and frontals so that they will become less noticeable, and will give you the most natural looking scalp.

However, not everyone chooses to go with this option; instead, many people choose not to have their laces bleached and that’s totally fine too. So, if you are unsure about choosing between having unbleached knots or bleached knots then down below we have listed for you a few key differences between the two options.

  Bleached knots Unbleached knots
Longevity Bleaching your knots will make your hairstyle look more believable than ever. However, this irreversible chemical process tends to weaken the knots; hence, the longevity of your closure/frontal will be shortened. Since the knots are unaltered, your closure/frontal will last longer once it is properly cared for.
Shedding After carrying out the bleaching process, the hair will now be more prone to shedding since the integrity of the knots has been compromised. Therefore, more care should be given to closures/frontals that have been altered. Minimal shedding. Hair that has not been processed tends to have less shedding.
Natural-looking Helps your closures and frontals to look very natural and realistic. The knots (black dots) will be visible; therefore, your hair will not look as natural.


Whether you decide to bleach the knots or not, the option is completely yours; therefore, feel free to do whatever you feel is right for you, and that will help you to achieve your personal hair goals. 

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