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All you need to know about Clip-In Hair Extensions

by Brooklyn Hair 14 Jun 2022

All you need to know about Clip-In Hair Extensions

Are you tired of getting sew-ins, lace fronts, and lace closures? Then maybe it’s time to try Brooklyn Hair’s clip-ins! Clip-ins allow you to maintain versatile styles while giving you the volume and length you might be looking for without the commitment of a long-term hairstyle. 

Here are a few tips on how to apply it yourself and how to take care of it:

1. How to apply clip-ins?
Applying clip-in extensions are easy and can be done at home. Section your hair where you would like the clip to be placed and simply open the clip, slide it through your hair strands and close the clip. If you have a difficult time due to your hair being soft, it sometimes helps to apply hair spray to the root of your hair or teasing the root of your hair gently to create texture.

2. How to care for clip-ins?
You would care for your clip-ins the same way you would for your own hair. Be sure to wash them every few wears to prevent buildup from products that might have been used during the styling process. Comb the clip-ins before wetting them to prevent detangling while wet. Apply sulfate-free shampoo or any shampoo of your choice and finish washing them using conditioner. Let them air dry and try to abstain from squeezing the excess water out or using a towel which can dry the hair out.

3. How to remove clip-ins?
Removing clip-in extensions are just as easy as applying them. When you are ready to change up the style or give the clip-ins a break, you can open the clip and slide the clip-in right out of your hair without any damaging effects.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful in helping you decide if clip-ins are a good investment for you!

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