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13x6 Frontal Bob Wigs. It’s finally Here!

by Brooklyn Hair 17 Sep 2021

13x6 Frontal Bob Wigs. It’s finally Here

There really isn’t anything better than a bob wig with a significantly deep and wide part. And that is exactly what you’ll get with our new additions of 13x6 frontal Bob wigs. They are seriously a joy not only to look at but also to rock every day. Looking for a beautiful everyday unit? Well, this is the wig for you, and here are a few reasons to take one home today.

Amazing Features of our new 13x6 Frontal Bob wigs:

  • Transparent/HD lace. All of our 13x6 frontal wigs are made with delicately handtied lace spanning 13” across the front of the hairline and 6” deep towards the middle of your head. This will allow you to enjoy having a deep part as well as various styles such as half-up and half-down styles.
  • Adjustable band and clips. Equipped with an adjustable band, our 13x6 will fit almost any head size. There are also a number of clips placed on the sides, front and back of the wig to further add more security. You wont ever have to worry.
  • With so much lace, our wigs allow your natural hair underneath to breathe.

If that’s not enough for you to make this your next hairstyle, well our wigs are also made of 100% Brazilian straight human hair that is already cut and styled for you. With a touch like no other, your bob will flow in the wind with ease. No knotting nor tangling whatsoever.

Check out our new units under our “Signature Wigs” tab. You won’t be disappointed!

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