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How to properly deep condition your bundles?

by Brooklyn Hair 03 May 2021

How to properly deep condition your bundles?

By adding deep conditioning to your regular bundle hair routine, your hair will in turn become extremely soft and strong. And lets all agree, there is nothing better than healthy feeling hair!

So how exactly does one deep condition their bundles? See down below for a full list of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of deep conditioning.
Deep conditioning tips:
Select good quality products. This is a truly important step because without the right products, all your efforts might reap no reward. Therefore, when selecting products for your deep conditioning treatment, please be sure to choose products that contain no alcohol, sulphate or parabens. These products tend to strip the hair of moisture, and that is the exact opposite of what you will be hoping for.

Section hair. If you have used your bundles to make a wig, then start from the back and create at least 4 section. If the bundles are loose, then be sure to focus on one bundle at a time. Ensuring that all of your bundles are conditioned is key.

Apply deep conditioning product. Be sure to apply a generous amount of conditioner to each section, starting ideally from the ends to the roots.

Allow hair to process, then rinse. This final step is just to ensure the hair is thoroughly saturated and that it will soak up as much moisture as it needs. Then after enough time has passed, rinse hair and let hair air dry.

You will be sure to feel the softness the next time you rock your bundles!

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