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What’s New at Brooklyn Hair?

by Brooklyn Hair 23 Aug 2022

What’s New at Brooklyn Hair?

Brooklyn hair is now introducing tape-ins and clip-ins in not only straight and body wave but bohemian jerry curl and kinky straight!

These two patterns may be a better option for those that want versatile looks without sacrificing their curl pattern or if silk straight does not match their hair texture.

Here are a few details about them:

  • Our jerry curl texture resembles a tight deep curl. 
  • Our kinky straight texture resembles a blown-out look which can also be straightened pin straight.
  • Both textures can be straightened, curled, or left in its natural state. You can even do twist outs and a wash and go with these hair textures.
  • Both can be used as clip-ins to do a half up half down, up-do, middle part, side part, and more. They create the illusion of more volume and length.
  • They also can be used as tape-ins to have even more versatile look without the hassle of taking them off every night or every other day.
  • Both textures can be bleached and dyed.

Currently, our Kinky Straight and Bohemian clip-ins come in lengths 16” and 20” while our tape-ins come in the length 22”. We hope to expand our clip-in and tape-in line very soon with even more lengths and styles, so stay tuned!

Hopefully, this information was helpful in keeping you updated with what is new at the Brooklyn Hair store!

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