What is bundle hair?

Whether you are a hairstylist or a customer, it's guaranteed that at some point you might have come across the term bundle. Though loosely used to mean different things, it is still commonly known in the hair world that a bundle refers to human hair strands that have been collected from a hair donor, then "bundled" together and sewn onto a weft. The weft in this case refers to the part that essentially helps to hold the hair strands in place so that it doesn't fall apart. In most cases, the hair is typically collected from only a single or small number of donors, so that the quality of the hair is preserved and that the cuticles are facing the same direction in order to provide customers with a seamless look when the hair is installed.

So whether you intend on sourcing hair for personal use or otherwise, it will be very vital for you to understand the few characteristics that will ultimately consider your hair as a bundle.

On average a bundle of hair will weigh about 3.5 oz or equivalently 100 grams, with lengths varying from 8" all the way up to 40". Though bundles can range higher than 40", these lengths are typically harder to source and will be more expensive than the average lengths. Essentially, seeing that most bundles are made up of 100% virgin human hair, the standard color typically falls in the category of being either an off black (1B) or a natural brown tone. Other colors observed are ombre tones, varying shades of blonde, as well as many other colors. Another characteristic to observe is that all bundle hair will have an origin, whether it is Peruvian, Indian, Brazilian, or Malaysian etc. There are a plethora of choices, and so it will be completely up to the person who wishes to wear the hair to choose what texture best suits them.

With the general knowledge that a bundle of hair is simply hair that has been "bundled together" and sewed on to a weft, this makes it easier for people to buy and sell hair. Following the few standards of what a typical bundle of hair should be like, this has made it relatively easy for both hairstylists as well as their clients to better estimate the amount of hair they will need to fulfill any desired style. Just imagine running out of time to get your hair done before an event, then showing up to your hair appointment late without the right quantity of hair needed for your new hairstyle, now that would be disastrous.

There is no need to panic though, on our Brooklyn Hair home page, we have designed sections just for our valued customers who wish to achieve a style and be on the safe side of having the right amount of hair. So feel free to check out our bundle deals designed to make your hair shopping much easier. 

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