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Trending style: Half braids Half sew-in.

by Tajenae McCartney 22 May 2023
Trending style: Half braids Half sew-in

Summer is upon us and the style that has been making waves has got to be the braided front and weave in the back style. This style has been trending since early spring and is still in high demand with many clients.

That’s simply because it is a very beautiful and easy style to achieve, so if that’s what you are into then we’ve got you covered. This style consists of two parts and the very first part is braids in the front and then weave in the back, ideally you can achieve this look with a very curly texture.
Here’s what you need to know about this style:

Braids in the front. This is the very first part of this very goddess-like hairstyle. For this section you will have someone braid your hair into as many cornrows as you desire; however, instead of going all the way back, they would stop about halfway from the back of your head.

This will leave space for the weave that will be added in. For this braided section, you can feel free to use regular Kanekalon braiding hair from the beauty supply or if you would like human braiding hair, you could also use bundles. If you do opt to use bundles, then you would have to cut the hair off the weft in order to use it for the braids.

Weave in the back. So, after getting your desired braids in the front, your hairstylist will give you the option of deciding the ideal look you would want for the weave. Mostly for this hairstyle, many people often opt for a very curly texture or even a loose wave kind of look.

This can easily be attained with our Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian loose deep wave, or even our Caribbean deep wave. The texture you decide on is totally up to your preference. After choosing the style you want your hairstylist will sew the bundles in the back of your hair and the braids will lay on top giving you a very radiant and unique look.
We hope to see you rocking this style this season. You are sure to love it!

Happy shopping!
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