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The summer is heating up and so are the deals here at Brooklyn Hair.

by Tajenae McCartney 08 Jul 2024
The summer is heating up and so are the deals here at Brooklyn Hair.

As summer is now in full swing, we have been preparing a new look for our website as well. We are almost ready to unveil our new update with the hopes of giving you the best shopping experience possible. We have also been updating our wig and bundle options to cater to all your hair needs.

So, here’s a quick overview of what we have to offer you this season.

New hair textures – We have recently introduced our new Afro kinky curly bundles. These bundles are like a mix between our current Bohemian jerry curl bundles and our Afro kinky bundles. The major difference is in how natural this texture will blend with many different textures of naturally curly hair. Therefore, this style is perfect if you want to do a leave out with your hair in the front or even all around like a versatile sew-in. You can feel confident when installing this hair as it will give you the most natural looking style possible. As of now, we have this texture available in the lengths 14”, 18” and 22” and it is available in the natural black color. The good news too is that we also have this texture readily available in a wig as well.

More glueless wigs – Our glueless wig collection which we started last year has now quickly become one of our best sellers. And to make it even better, we now have a bigger selection of wigs in a wide range of colors, style, and lengths. One such style is the afro kinky curly that we mentioned earlier. This texture has now skyrocketed all the way to the top of our best sellers, and one of the many reasons for this is because it mimics natural curls so well and also because it can easily be manipulated with the use of curly hair products. The other available styles are our straight, loose body wave and deep wave with varying lengths such as 14-16”, 16-18” and 24-26” and in the colors natural black, sun-kissed, espresso and blonde. Since the introduction of this wig collection, we have been running a promo on our 5x5 straight bob unit in natural black but this deal won’t last long so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s gone.

Major mark downs – We have already introduced our weekly special section where we showcase all the new items that are on clearance or that are considered final sale. For the rest of the summer, each and every week we will be adding more and more items that will have huge markdowns. The discount will be up to 60% off the original sale prices for items such as wigs, bundles, closures and frontals. To be in the loop for when your favorite items might go on sale be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Additionally, we will still be hosting our monthly First Friday sale where bundles and wigs will see reduced prices as well. You can shop in store or online for these deals.

With the summer heating up day by day, we are ready to help you cool down with the best deals of the season. In store and online, we also have plenty of sales on our bundles and lace items. Right now, you can get 30% off our staple 9A textures such as Remy straight, Unprocessed body wave, Brazilian loose wave and Peruvian deep wave. While for our 11A textures you can enjoy 20% off and this also includes our 11A blonde bundles in straight and body wave. Huge discounts will also be available on our 9A regular closures/frontals, all 7A hair textures and select tape ins and clip ins.

Happy shopping!
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