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Spring must-haves: Brooklyn Hair’s top picks

by Tajenae McCartney 13 Apr 2023
Spring must-haves: Brooklyn Hair’s top picks
This spring season is the best time to start getting into a hair routine, and Brooklyn Hair has you covered with that. With the harsh weather now behind us, now is the perfect time to grab products that will have both your natural hair and your hair extensions looking healthy.
Here are a few of our spring must haves for this season:
Hair moisturizer – Though it’s not completely hot as yet, the best product to never leave your house without using is a good moisturizer. This product will keep your hair looking rejuvenating and hydrated. A hair moisturizer is definitely an essential product especially for the curler textures such as our Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian Deep wave, Caribbean Deep wave and our Bohemian Jerry curl as well. For this product, we recommend the Aloe Vera with agave nectar moisturizing curling cream by CHI. This product will do wonders for your natural hair as well as your hair extensions.
Serum or Oil – If you don’t get any of the products mentioned in this article, then this is the one that you must get. A serum or oil is the key to keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny without weighing the hair down too much. One of the best hair serums on the market right now is the CHI silk infusion serum, available in both small and large at any of the Brooklyn Hair locations.
Frizz Spray – With the weather transitioning from cold and harsh to cool and even humid very soon, now is the best time to get a frizz fighting product. Especially on those day that are extremely humid, a product like this could be a life saver for your hair extensions. The Tresseme brand is a great option for this product as it is available almost anywhere that sells hair products.
With those three essential products, you will be looking fabulous this spring season. And if you are ever in the neighborhood, then you could stop by any of our locations in Brooklyn, New York and Irvington, New Jersey to see and try out any of our hair products available in store.
Happy shopping!
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