Sew-in vs Wigs vs Hair Extensions

Sew-in vs Wigs vs Hair Extensions

Wondering which is best for you?

Well, the truth is that it is all a matter of preference and what your hair needs are. Wigs, weaves, and hair extensions are somewhat similar, but they serve different purposes. Learning the difference between them will help you to better determine which one best suit your needs.

The great thing about a wig is that you can take it on and off easily. It consists of a cap with hair attached, and they can either be custom made or factory-made. See below for more details.

Custom-made wigs:
These are handmade and more flexible and versatile. With a custom-made wig, you can play around more with the style and parting. They’re also tailor made for you and all your hair needs, for instance, if you have any special requests for the wig from size, parting, and or color then handmade wigs are the way to go.

Factory-made wigs:
These are standardized, meaning that they’re made for mass production and can be replicated really easily. They are made with low cost in mind; hence, these machine-made wigs tend to be the cheaper option.

This is a natural hair extension that is sewn in. Weaves are one of the basic hair extension types and are very popular among women. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which can be removed daily, weaves are meant to last for several weeks. A weave is not a wig even though it covers hair like a >wig does, it is sewn directly into natural hair that has been braided down.

Hair Extensions:
Unlike weaves, hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, taped in, or sewn onto your natural hair by incorporating additional human hair in between your real hair in order to add volume and length. In general, all weaves are a type of hair extensions, but all extensions are not weaves.

With so many choices to choose from, your style options are endless!

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