Prom edition: Best hair styles for prom

Prom edition: Best hair styles for prom

The key is to looking as heavenly and beautiful as possible on such a big day is to focus on what really matters.

And that’s of course a stunning outfit and a flawless hairdo. Therefore, after you’ve sourced the perfect dress, the next big thing is to find the ideal hairstyle that will tie everything together.

Feel free to wear whatever hairstyle you will feel comfortable in; however, if you are looking for a few suggestions, then see down below for our top picks.
Top hairstyles for Prom:
A high ponytail or bun. By using any of Brooklyn Hair’s bundles, this is an easy feat. Notably, this hairstyle is ideal for an outfit that is very flashy. This way you will highlight the dress and not have your hairstyle outshining your dress. Therefore, if you plan on wearing a dress with an elaborate design in the back or even a high neck dress, then this hairdo is a great pick.

Long sleek straight or voluminous curly hair. Our very own 7A/9A,11A straight bundles are the best pick for this hairstyle. With our bundles, you have a top pick of lengths up to 40”. This hairstyle is ideal for looks where your dress has a very simple design. This way your long, sleek hair will be end up being the talk of the night.

Short or long bob. This look is for anyone who wants the focus to be on their face. No other hairstyle draws attention to your face like a blunt cut bob, whether curly or straight.

With any of these hair styles, you are bound to stand out all night.

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